SCOWB Committees


The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers, immediate past chair and two at-large members appointed by the Chair and approved by the Board. The Executive Committee meets four times at year.   Current committee members are:

Shane Bowers, Chair
Shawn Freie, Vice Chair
Lisa Williams, Secretary
Tim Garrett, Treasurer
Brian Holmes, At-Large Member
Tim Hushbeck, At-Large Member
Chris Pittman, At-Large Member

                         STANDING YOUTH COMMITTEE

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 eliminated the requirement for Local Boards to establish a Youth Council.  However the Local Boards could choose to establish a standing committee to provide information and to assist with planning, operational oversight and other issues relating to the provision of services to youth.  The Youth Committee must include a member of the Local Board who chairs the committee, members of community-based organizations with a demonstrated record of success in serving eligible youth and other individuals with appropriate expertise and experience who are not members of the Local Board.    The Youth Committee  meets as needed. Current committee members are:

Angela Lamebull, WIOA Title I Native American Program
Anita Alford, Department of Corrections
Sissel Brown, ResCare Workforce Services
Jo Richter, Chickasha Workforce Center