1st Blackwell Scout Group

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This is the home page of 1st Blackwell Scout Group in Blackwell, Worcestershire. B60 1BW.
(N 52°21'09.86" W 02°00'57.89" Grid SO 990727)




For Leaders and parents of Young People we have an invitation-only Facebook page.

Online Scout Manager (OSM)

Some of the sections use OSM for communicating programme/event information. Please ask Leader for more information.

The Group
The Group has three active Sections operating from the hut...
  1. Beaver Scout Colony
    6 – 8 years, meeting Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm. (Contact leader).
  2. Cub Scouts Pack
    8 – 10½ years, meeting Wednesdays from 6:45 to 8:15 (Contact leader).
  3. Scouts Troop
    10½ – 14 years, mee
    ting Thursdays from 7:15pm to 9pm (Contact leader).
Explorer Scouts is organised at the District level and 1st Blackwell Scouts typically feed into the "Bonington" Unit based at 3rd Bromsgrove (Evergreens) by Sander's Park.

Details of activities in the District and of other Groups in the District can be found here.


If you want to help as an Adult, Young Leader (14-18) or as part of Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme then use the Contact Us form to provide your details/request.


We maintain a register-of-interest list for young people wishing to join through the Contact Us form. We do our best to be fair.
The best way to increase the chances of getting a place is to become a leader. 
Typically there is more demand than we have spaces. We physically cannot accommodate more than 24 Beavers/Lodge, Cubs/Pack or Scouts/Troop.
If we could open a new Lodge (with the necessary leaders) then we would be able to take 24 more young people.

History of the Hut

Officially 4th Bromsgrove has existed since 19th March 1931. This means that the Group is over 80 years old!

Andy B, a former 4th Scout, said, "4th’s hut by the way, was a Home Guard & ARP post during the war. Afterwards I think it became a Guide hut and apparently passed to the Scouts when the Guides decided the footpath entrance at the current back of the building was too dark & scary. In those days the hut only consisted of the main hall and the drive wasn’t part of the site. There are slight variations on that theme as things have got lost & twisted over time."