Where Do Our Dues Go

PACK 3075

Pack 3075 thrives due to the enthusiastic support shown by our Leaders, Parents, and Community.  As we begin the Scout Year, we would like to detail what financial commitments the Scout parents should expect.

There are two types of expenses:

1.       Annual Pack Dues – annual dues of $100 are paid for each boy registered in Pack 3075.  Specifics on dues and pack expenses are detailed below.

2.       Activity Fees – fees paid to offset costs for specific activities the parents and boys decide to do during the year.  For the 2017-2018 Scouting year, you will have a multitude of activities (some free and some at cost) that will contribute to your son’s (and your) Scouting experience!



At the beginning of each year, dues are collected from each Cub Scout to offset very specific expenses.  The annual dues will be $100 per boy, and is requested in one installment (no later that October). Dues may only be paid directly to your Pack Treasurer.  Our goal is that most, if not all the dues raised are used by the Pack by the end of that year.

These funds are vital to help sustain Pack 3075, and all the money is used for our Pack. The Pack would like to help you understand where these monies are spent:

Den Activity Funds – Each Den Leader receives a fixed amount per boy for use towards activities (crayons, glue, paper, kits, etc) they do at den meetings.  All of our Leaders are VOLUNTEERS, so it is unfair to expect them to fund these expenses and donate their time.  This allocation is given at the beginning of the school year and is expected to last the entire Scouting year.

Pack Administration – Pack 3075 has expenses specific to running the Pack, including:

·         Annual Registration and Pack Re-Charter – paid on behalf of each Scout to the Boys Scouts of America, which also includes an annual subscription to Boy Scout Magazine (mailed directly to your home).

·         Licensing and updates to BSA Scout book, the software used to track each boy’s achievements.

·         Advancements - all badges, patches, awards, etc., which are awarded monthly at our Pack meetings.

Specific Pack events are also paid, either partly or in full, out of the dues:

·         Blue and Gold Dinner – although parents are asked to contribute to offset the cost, typically some portion of this event is funded by the Pack.

·         Graduation – free to all Pack families, and a great way to celebrate the year’s accomplishments!

All of our Leadership positions are filled by volunteers. We all do it because we think that Cub Scouts is a great experience for our boys. It teaches wonderful things like friendship, leadership, compassion and teamwork.  It is a brotherhood that creates a special bond between the boys that will continue as they grow.  All are welcome (and encouraged) to join the Pack 3075 Committee to see what goes into running our pack. We meet once a month and are there to help. If you would like to speak to any of our Committee members please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours in Scouting,


Angela Humberd – Cub Master                               Hank Smith - Committee Chair                                     Lisa Brown – Treasurer