Parent Participation

Parent Participation is the Key to Pack Success

posted Nov 22, 2009, 9:54 AM by Scout Pack 13   [ updated Feb 26, 2010, 4:47 PM ]
Your involvement and commitment is essential to the success of your child’s Scouting experience. We encourage the parents/guardians for each child to:

    1. Participate with them.
    2. Go to and observe their meetings.
    3. Be part of their den’s program—both weekly meetings and outings.
    4. Support the program financially (fundraising).
    5. Coach them on their advancements and earning of recognition awards.
    6. Help in at least one support role during the year.

What’s expected of me as a parent?
The role of parents within Pack 13 is to support the Pack’s efforts and to provide the atmosphere Cub Scouts need to learn and excel. Quite simply, without parent participation, the Pack ceases to function. And for Cub Scouts, it is official policy for a parent or guardian to attend Pack meetings with their child.

How can I help my Cub Scout?

• Have him at the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform.
• Make him available for Pack and den activities; it will be amazing how much he will progress if he attends all the meetings and events.
• Actively follow his progress and offer encouragement when needed. Read his Cub Scout handbook and understand the purpose and methods of Scouting. Take a look at Chapter 1. This short chapter is a Parent Guide that helps you learn what it’s all about.
• Help him practice and learn the skills for advancement. Some of the skills can seem overwhelming for a Cub Scout.
• Realize that some Cub Scouts will progress faster than others.

How can I help the Pack?
Volunteer!!!! Here are some (but not all) of the jobs:

    • Serve on the Pack Committee or as an Assistant Cubmaster.
    • Show support to both the individual Scout and the Pack by attending Pack meetings and events.
    • Assist in Pack fundraisers and other such activities.
    • Organize and help organize events (such as Bowl-a-thon, and Blue and Gold Banquet).
    • Provide back-up to a Den Leader who is TDY.

Online Training For Adult Volunteers

Who needs to get trained for working with Cub Scouts? Any parent who registers as an Adult volunteer should at minimum take the Youth Protection—we owe that to our kids. The other two sections give a better understanding of how things work and just makes volunteers that much better at effectively supporting the den and pack.

Volunteers should go online to get their training because there isn’t a local training option right now. Start by going to and selecting “Parent” on the top menu, then clicking on “Training” which should take you straight to Adult training. Then look for:

• Youth Protection Training
• This is Scouting
• CS Leader Fast Start Training

The training link at each of these will take you to where you create an account. Your certifications will be saved there and can be retrieved anytime. After you complete a training module, please print the certificate for your records, and send Kristin Prather an email stating what you’ve completed and when (you can send to We have to keep this information on file.