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Shopping Cart
You may remember my Flash game,"The Adventures of a Beastly Guy in a Shopping Cart!", aka "Shopping Cart Adventure".
I am now trying to improve my game, and make it even more beastly. I you could please play my game, and then leave some feedback for me? That way I can know what exactly I need to improve on, and fix. You can a leave a comment bellow, or email me.

Shopping Cart Feedback

Shopping Cart Feedback


GlovePie is a wonderful program that lets you program certain keys to actually do other things.Here is a snippet from the GlovePie website:
"GlovePIE stands for Glove Programmable Input Emulator. It doesn't have to be used with VR Gloves, but it was originally started as a system for emulating Joystick and Keyboard Input using the Essential Reality P5 Glove. Now it supports emulating all kinds of input, using all kinds of devices, including Polhemus, Intersense, Ascension, WorldViz, 5DT, and eMagin products. It can also control MIDI or OSC output.

In the GlovePIE window you type or load a simple script. For example to control the WASD keys with a glove:

W = glove.z > -50 cm
S = glove.z < -70 cm
A = glove.x < -10 cm
D = glove.x > 10 cm

You can also use GlovePIE to play Joystick-only games without a joystick, or keyboard-only games with a joystick. Or you can use it to create macro buttons for complex keystrokes.

You can even use it to control multiple mouse pointers with multiple mice."

If all of that went over you head, here's a overview. With GlovePie, I can translate key presses from a Joystick into Keyboard keys! It even has Wiimote Support, which is where this program really shines. With GlovePie, I can control a PC game, or even control the mouse using my Wiimote. This is really cool, and I encourage everyone to try it out. For more information, visit www.glovepie.org . For tutorals and some of my codes, check out my GlovePie page, here. There are some pretty cool uses for this program. Check it out!

Al Gore Eats Cheetos Puffs!

A few years back at Scout Camp, we were taking a class and somehow got on the subject of Al Gore, and how Cheetos are a good packing material. Then, someone yelled "Al Gore Eats Cheetos Puffs!". Photoshop did the rest...

I was bored school today, and decided to make this! Yummy Cookies, going on Forever! Yah! Feel free to use this as your background image!

Ok, I am now officially confused...
As you well know, my webpage has recently been blocked for various reasons. But when I pulled up my webpage at school today, enstead of an "Access Denined!" sign, my webpage pulled up. And in fact, I am typing this post AT school. ??????????
If the school is really going to block my website, they might as well KEEP it blocked. It's almost like the school is having a tug of war with it's self.
School's thoughts: "Should I block this site?", "Yes I should","On second though, maybe I shouldn't...","No, I should block this site.", "Actually, i shouldn't"...
I wouldn't be surprised if my webpage was blocked AGAIN tomorrow....So be patient, faithful  ScottyWatty.com readers, who knows what will happen next.

My Site is Blocked...Again?
So, if you read the previous post, you know that www.scottywatty.googlepages.com is blocked by the school computers. But now, the REAL address, http://sites.google.com/site/scottywattyhome/ is blocked. =( And for Free Hosts...seriously? What danger is there in a FREE HOST?
So, as I promised, I will create a school site, so you can still access the AWSOMENESS of my webpage...at school. =)

My Site Is Blocked?
Ok, so at school today, I try to get on my website. But I was surprised to see the message above pop up. ScottyWatty.googlepages.com is BLOCKED? For Streaming Media? But whats weird, is that when I type in sites.google.com/site/scottywattyhome, it doesn't block it! How weird! Both web addresses lead to the same thing, and have absolutly NO difference! [What might be the problem, is that my page has Youtube Videos, hense the "Streaming Media"=( ]. If problems continue to occur, then I will make a "School Friendly" webpage...anything to get arround the school blocker. ;)
In this age, portable technology is big. And What makes portable devices even more awsome, is Wifi. To use Wifi, you need a wireless modem to plug into your internet. Once that is done, Wifi enables you to connect any compatible device to the internet Wirelessly. So Laptops, Apple iPod Touch, even my Nintendo Wii, can access the Internet Wirelessly! A downside to Wifi is once you leave your house, no wifi. =(
So now what? Buy USB internet stick for you laptop? No...you may have internet, but what about your iPod? Do you buy a internet USB stick, AND an iPhone? Maybe, but it will cost a TON! You need Mifi...
Mifi uses cell phone service to receive an internet signal, and then sends out a 30-ft Wifi Signal! So where ever you get cell phone service, you'll have Wifi! AND, you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time! So you can connect you iPod, Laptop, and your friends laptop all with one little device.
For more information, go to http://www.novatelwireless.com

Somebody's Watching Me!
That's right! That adorable stack of cash is here! I'm sure you've seen the Geico commercial here:
I don't know about you, but I LOVE the techno music in this commercial! I was ready to dish out top dollar to download this song, but I was even happier when I saw a "Download" button on the Geico website! They are letting you download this AWSOME song for free!
Just thought you might like to know...

info about pixlr photo editor
If you have ever used Microsoft Paint, you know it's kind of...limited. You could go out and buy Adobe Photoshop for $699 or $999, and be VERY satisfied. But what if you are like me, and can't afford Photoshop? Do you go back to Paint? NO! Use "Online image/photo editor" Pixlr! Pixlr offers many cool features, like custom brushes, Gradient tools, Red eye fix, and many, many more! Pixlr is sure to give Photoshop a run for its money, because Pixlr is completly 100% free! Go to http://www.pixlr.com/editor/ to use!
Now let's say you only want to do a quick fix on a picture, and don't want to go searching though pixlr's many tools to find what you want? Then use Pixlr Express! In Pixlr Express, there are fancy editing stuff, just the basics. It has three areas: Basic, Adjustments, and Photo Effects. In basic, you are cropping resizing, and Rotoating your picture. In Adjustments, you can blur and sharpen your photo, aswell as changing the hue/saturation. And in Photo Effects, you can do some CRAZY things, like Pixelate, Kaleidoscope, and many more! Pixlr express is also free, and you can find it at http://www.pixlr.com/express/
Lots more info at http://www.pixlr.com/

Have you ever wanted to take a video of your computer? Sure you can use a camera, but the video can turn out shakey, and un watchable...So thats why you use a Screen Capture program! There are many programs out there, so which one is the best? You've probably heard of HyperCam 2, but I don't like it...
As you can see above, the annoying "Unregistered HyperCam 2" is blocking our view! That's why CamStudio is much better. It's free, there is no anoying banner on your videos! Here is a demenstration:
CamStudio is a great program, with many neat features, like being able to record sound from your speakers!. I defently recomend you go and try it out...it's lots of fun! Plus it's Free! Download CamStudio, and learn more about it at http://camstudio.org/

 RealPlayer SPBeta
Just a few days ago, I found out that RealPlayer had an update, SPBeta. But this is no normal update. In this update, RealPlayer SP can take almost any video, and convert it to play on a iPod, or Blackberry! Talk about AWSOME!!!! 
This video shows you how to download  videos on your computer using RealPlayer. It's a bit old, and was made before the new update, but the same Download feature is in RealPlayer SP.
 In this video, he uses Movie Pod. But, with the new RealPlayer, you don't need to download that. With the SP update, there is literally a "Convert to iPod" button, and RealPlayer does the rest!

Wiimote Smartboard
After seing this video, I decided I would try it! So I took some old Expo markers, and paid a visit to my local Radio Shack. I built the IR pen and downloaded the software. And it worked! It only cost me $20-$30, and is a cheap alternitive to a $1000 Smartboard. For more info, check out this page.

 Shopping Cart Adventure 
This is my first "Full Length" Flash game that I made!(but I also had help from Mr. Griggs...and Will...and Riley...and everyone else at Future Professionals) =) Enjoy!

Email me any suggestions/problems with my game at scottywattyhjhs@gmail.com  

Super Mac

I finished Super Mac, an animated short where evil Whoppers thrive. The only one who can save us now, is Super Mac!

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 Mario Libre!
I made this awsome picture in Photoshop. I took a Nacho Libre movie poster and added Mario's head and gloves. Now it looks like a real movie Poaster!
 Also look at my other Photoshop Creations!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me at scottywattyhhs@gmail.com 
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