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C2S Comments

Mr. Wallace:

Please forgive me I have been intending to send this message to you since the Courage to Stand IV program.

I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to the students at Killian.  You are so much more to those students than just a staff member.  As a parent, I can tell that you truly have their best interest at heart and care for them more than just being students.  You care about their souls and that is just AWESOME.  I know that the program speaker did not make the program, but God felt that the students needed to hear your message and I truly believe that you touched the kids.  It was amazing to see the response of those who dedicated themselves to Christ.  It was wonderful to see the students in the parking lot greeting other students with their Courage to Stand t-shirts and waving posters getting them excited about the program.  After I dropped Lauren off at school, I had tears in my eyes thinking, "Wow, this is going on at my daughter's school."  My appreciation is also extended to Mr. Cassel for allowing this program to exist.  I am certain that some of these kids only opportunity to hear God's word is through FCA.

I just want you to know that your efforts, love and compassion do not go unnoticed.  You are one of a kind and we are  so blessed to have you showing an example to our kids daily and reminding them to live a life of faithfulness.  Thank you so much for all you do………………………….


Lee J.

When I arrived at "C2S" the comedian had just gotten off stage and they had started to preach. When
you started to preach, it was breath taking. It made me feel spiritual, that I need more! Now I wake up
early to read the bible and do a bible study (even on the weekends). In my lifetime I have led three
people to the Christ, they all go to this school. But I can imagine how many people you've led to Christ.
The way you preach and what you preach really soaked into me, it has led me to go on a Mission trip
with my dad to Romania (my dad already goes every year). I go to a church all the way in Arlington, it's
called Konania, and it's an amazing church! If I could I would have you as a pastor any day. After your
sermon I was speechless. Thank you for doing "C2S".
Joshua D

I went to C2S and it was fun, Mr. Scottie Wallace had an awesome speech. It made me cry. It
changed me and moved me.
Anna B

I went to C2S and it was so much fun! I had a great time recommitting myself to Christ. It was
one of the best times of my life.
Chelsee (AMAZING)

I went to Courage 2 Stand and it was one of the best moments in my life. I'm not joking. I was
very proud of giving my heart to Christ. Thank you.
Cailee D

I went to Courage 2 Stand and it was awesome! Mr. Wallace gave a great speech. It helped me
change my life and love the Lord even more.
Lauren G

Thank you so much, at Courage to Stand you were great. You have really changed my life.
You’re the best. I don’t know how to thank you!
Logan L

C2S was really fun. It touched me and I got saved. But it was really fun, I almost cried, but I
Ericka H

C2S was a very good experience for me because I was reunited with God. I thought it was really
fun, like how my brother was leading praise and worship and the prizes were awesome! I can’t
wait until next year!
Maddie B

C2S was awesome. I enjoyed it and I am definitely going to start going on Tuesday mornings.
Mr. Wallace was great, he really touched me. Woohoo!
Mary D

Mr. Wallace
My name is Anna R. and my daughter, Madeline R. is in the 7th grade at Killian. I just wanted to
thank you for the FCA night that was offered to these students last Friday evening. Madeline
thoroughly enjoyed herself and was so excited to be a part of this event. She texted me during the
evening to tell me that a friend of hers had prayed to receive Christ! This was the icing on the
cake for her! I know that a lot of hard work and planning went into this to make it a success. So,
thank you very much for all of your efforts. Madeline did say that she was bummed that the
Dallas Cowboy did not show up, but as I told her “But GOD DID show up and that is what really
counts!” Thank you for helping these kids invest their lives in Jesus Christ. You are a true
servant of the Lord!
Anna R