New Workshop on the subject of Dating!
Title: Boundaries In Dating ~What's God got to do with It?
Topics: Why are boundaries important? Myth's about dating from his and her perspectives! Are boundaries (according to God negotiable)? Why? Why not? Are there benefits to yielding to Godly boundaries in a dating relationship? + more!
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Drugs Dumped & Deleted

This program is structured to have every student in attendance leave with one valuable piece of advice stuck in their heads and on their hearts – “doing drugs will take everything Good in your life and make it Bad, and everything Bad in your life, and make it Worse!” 45 minute [max for program] “

"Mr. Wallace’s message was enthusiastically received by all students and transcended all racial & economic lines. Having spent 20 years at the middle school level, I have yet to see someone as dedicated to young people as Scotty Wallace.”
Alan Cassel – Principal Michael D. Killian Middle School, Lewisville, TX.

Plight of Teen America

This power point presentation is structured as a parent/teacher seminar created to provide awareness and practical solutions that will greatly assist and benefit parents, guardians, and teachers in better understanding, relating and bringing about positive change for the students within our sphere of influence. Some topics covered are 1. Millennial kids today (vs) past generations 2. The internet factor 3. Media saturation 4. Living in a sexualized culture and more

“I have reviewed this presentation and found it to be professionally done with an excellent message. Mr. Wallace is genuinely concerned with helping our kids become better people. I have endorsed this program for LISD. “Lewisville Independent School District”
Harry M. Crenshaw II, Ed. D. Assistant Superintendent – Secondary Education