Hey, everyone this website will be used to showcase my Halo 3 stuff, and some other photoshops. Enjoy!I hope everyone enjoys my work. It will be mostly Halo 3 art.

The focus of most of the things here is my Halo 3 screenshots. I started taking screenshots in early January when I joined Bungie.net and started getting interested in screenshots. I started off good, had 1 or 2 things people liked. But once the Legendary maps came out is where I started to get my good shots and learn alot more. I started getting to know great photographers and make good techniques. .

I started to see some amazing Photoshops people had done with Halo 3 art, and Halo 3 screenshots. So I decided to try to find some free editor to try some for myself. I got Gimp and Paint.net. I messed around with gimp at first for about a week, but all of my things were completely horrible. So I tried Paint.net. and I went to their website downloaded some addons, and have been using it ever since. Most of my work here will be done with Paint.net because it is easy, and turns out great in my opinion. Occasionally I use Gimp for effects Paint.net does not have.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!