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Phoebe Albert and Donna Owens

Another Great Scott Yancey Real Estate Event

Excellent Scott Yancey Review

Phoebe Albert and Donna Owens were some of the people who participated in the said event, and they are extremely happy with the outcome. They saw the infomercial and was enticed to attend.

They attended the one-day event, got a lot of inputs from it, and concluded that this is the real deal.

“They had so much information, and it has been an incredible learning curve. We have purchased property, and the next step was to get really started in the business. One step forward, and we will take more. It is worth it. It is an investment, and we have an amazing amount of information and professionals, they are there to teach you and make it understandable, but really give you tons and tons of information. Without the knowledge that they gave me so far, I already see so many mistakes I would have made. So, it is absolutely worth it.”

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