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Scott Yancey knew what he needed to do to take advantage of the real estate crash of 2008.  Most people aren’t privy to the knowledge that there’s a safety net under investing in real estate in particular. Real estate investing is becoming one of the most lucrative career choices in today’s market, especially since the US market is making a comeback from the housing market crash in 2008. When the crash happened in 2008, many investors and real estate experts alike thought their businesses were going under. Fortunately, there was a bright side to the housing crash – when you hit rock bottom, things can only get better from there.

Things certainly did get better for a variety of real estate investors after the crash – Scott Yancey, who’s

Scott Yancey
a seasoned real estate expert, included.  Scott Yancey, from A&E’s Flipping Vegas, is the founder of the Goliath Company, a once successful real estate agency turned into a convenient one-stop-shop for all real estate needs. Those needs could be anything from buying and selling houses to land development and income properties.

On the show Yancey starred in, Flipping Vegas, Yancey, his wife, Amie, and a team of other experts go around the Las Vegas area purchasing dilapidated homes, fixing them up, then selling them for profit. Scott and Amie decided to take their show on the road – literally – and now tour across the USA holding seminars, live events, preview events, and other courses and workshops centered around real estate investing. They incorporate the ideas and strategies that they put into the TV show and provide the knowledge to you throughout the courses and seminars.

There are different types of events that Yancey and his team of experts holds, though. Each type of event, workshop, or seminar that’s held is taught by a different expert, and very rarely taught by Yancey himself. The main workshops and events are great, but it’s important to get an idea of all the types of events offered so that you can decide on which one or which ones will best fit your needs. Depending on which one you choose, you could be on your way to the same real estate investing that Scott and his wife experience every time they flip a house.

Scott Yancey Preview Events

The best part of these particular Yancey real estate events is that they’re free. They do lead in and try to upsell to other courses and workshops throughout the preview event, but that’s to be expected from any type of education setting like this. The preview Yancey live events are designed to get potential investors started with the tools they need to start investing with the knowledge to do so.

The preview events are centered around getting you started in real estate investment in the first place. Not only that, but it covers which areas would be best to invest in for your particular needs and situation, how to make sure that your investments always end up profitable, and how to generate a reasonable passive income that you could get by on if the need ever arose. For a free event, it sure does pack a lot of information into such a small timeframe.

Instead of getting pressured to buy anything, no matter which event you go to you can expect upselling to be held at a minimum. While you will experience a few of the experts trying to get you to purchase additional courses, seminars, or other products/learning tools, that is not the meat of any of the real estate events being held.

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Scott Yancey's Live Events

While the rest of his regular live events are paid, they are centered around more than what you would get at a free event. In fact, there are a variety of paid events that Scott focuses on, including The Buying Summit, Boots on the Ground, Inner Circle, and much more. Each event takes a different length of time and you walk away with a new set of skills you never thought you had in you.

The Buying Summit event, for example, is a 3-day event where a team of experts that all utilize Yancey’s real estate brand and strategies all take turns in the spotlight. They give lectures, important tips, and valuable insight to the investing world they’ve all spent years in. While the event has Yancey’s name on it, he’s only in the spotlight when it’s actually time for his live seminar.

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Real Estate Investing Boot Camps

As mentioned, the experts will be offering various on-demand training, otherwise known as boot camps. There’s the Seller Financing Boot Camp, Quick Cash Boot Camp, Cash Flow Boot Camp, Residential Rentals Boot Camp, PopTrend Real Estate Software Boot Camp, and many more intuitive crash courses that you can sign up for when you go to one of the live events for Scott Yancey.

Each expert handles a different boot camp, with the one who specializes most in that particular category taking the spotlight. Yancey can be seen making an appearance at many of the boot camps, so you get even more insight from the man with the plan himself. After all, the whole idea of the real estate workshops to begin with came from Yancey’s strategies and marketing genius.

Scott Yancey Live Seminars

When it gets to the part in the live events for Yancey to get on stage, usually he presents a few clips from Flipping Vegas before he and Amie head to the front of the audience and get started. Scott talks about how he got started with real estate investing in the first place, why he has the passion for real estate that he does, and the significance behind his famous motto, “Your money works for you.”

In Yancey’s portion of the live seminar, he discusses the core areas of real estate investing, the importance of those particular areas, and goes into detail on each of them. Those core areas include both residential and commercial real estate. These areas are separated into two core categories because you have two very particular paths to follow for each.

For example, for residential real estate, you’ll learn about consignment deals, renting, renovating, flipping houses, and everything else that has to do with the ins and outs of residential real estate investing. If you prefer to cater to a business, the commercial real estate aspect of the live seminar is better suited for you.

You’ll get the inside scoop on the ins and outs of all things residential and commercial real estate through Yancey’s live events, if you choose to – but you also get a peek at a lesser known real estate investing option. This is in relation to tax deeds and tax liens, and Yancey himself explains how you can see success by going about this option.

Finally, Yancey’s live real estate seminars include all of the inner workings put into Scott Yancey’s investing, marketing, real estate, and business strategies. He lays everything on the table, offering up raw honesty and detailed planning so that the investors that walk into his seminars walk out with actual knowledge that they can put to good use.

 Scott, Amie, and their team of dedicated real estate investing experts work to find the best investing strategy that fits your individual needs, situation, location, and more. There are many ways to invest, which is why their team of educators work to find you the best way possible for you to invest.

About Scott and Amie

Scott and Amie Yancey are both real estate experts that specialize in separate categories on the real estate spectrum. Amie is a designing mastermind, putting together masterpieces, renovated successes, and beauty that homeowners rarely get the chance to see. On the business side of things, Scott began and succeeded with his first real estate investment deal at the ripe age of just 14.

Thanks to their successes, Amie and Scott can feel confident in their skills as real estate investors, agents, and experts. They’re proud to walk alongside the team of educators that comes with them to each event. They understand the importance of team effort when it comes to real estate investing and real estate education.

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