We did some research over the break too. Combined a volleyball trip with Asian-Cajun crawfish research in Little Saigon in Orange County.  That's where the largest population of Vietnamese-Americans lives.  Neat place.  Funny looking bus stops and street signs. Twenty city blocks of commercial development is chock-full of plazas like the one above.  Individual businesses are rarely larger than a Radio Shack. Each plaza includes a entry sign with a menu of the businesses within.  About 8 of these plazas include some Cajun/Crawish restaurant like The Cajun Corner, run by "Asian-Cajuns" as my crawfisherman buddy likes to say.  The pa restaurants serve "Louisiana Crawfish" part of the year (Nov-May).  They serve California rice paddy-produced crawfish July-October. The crawfish is good. The Boiling Crab is a restaurant chain started and owned by Vietnamese-Americans who are from Seadrift, Texas on the Gulf Coast.  They moved to Orange County in 2001 and started the Asian-Cajun phenomenon. Seibo was my field assistant.  So was Elle.  Click on one of the ?s in the lower left to see a cool map. Haven't figured out Google sites yet.  This'n is my first'n. Scottwood