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No other
flooring offers the warmth, beauty, and value of wood.
Wood flooring enhances the décor of any room, and provides timeless beauty that will increase in value throughout the years. In fact, in a national survey of real estate agents, 90 percent said that houses with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices than houses without wood floors. That’s money in your pocket!

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  SALE!!! For this month only we are offering turn key price for true raw red oak hardwood flooring 2 1/4" x 3/4". Deliver on site and install/ sand/stain/ finish to your liking  for only $7.00 SF. This includes all materials!!! Plus red oak shoe molding stain and finish same color as hardwood flooring included.
Also we have White oak on sale too! Check it out! $7.00 sf
 ~For this month
only we are offering ------------------------------------------------------
~$1.25 SF maintenance coat on your hardwood floors. Do they look dull and scratch up? Well it is time for a maintenance coat!
~Sand,stain and refinish your hardwood floors for only $2.00 sf 

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Carpet and Linoleum vs. Hardwood Floors
Carpet is softer, but over time and a few spills, it needs to be replaced. Hardwood floors will cost less than the collective purchases of all the carpeting one would have to install. Because hardwood floors are simply cleaner and neater, hardwood floors are often the best buy and most solid investment. Carpet will also typically come in one color per room, or for the entire house. Hardwood floors may be mixed with tile, metal or stone to give even more of a classic look to the finished hardwood floors. Linoleum, unlike hardwood flooring, is almost guaranteed to come up with the slighted sign of harsh weather and time. Sturdy hardwood floors are meant and guaranteed to last through almost any situation.


Brazilian Walnut!


Protect Yourself with Hardwood Floors
Choosing hardwood floors means choosing to decorate with a natural choice. Hardwood floors and laminated hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly and manufactured from a renewable resource. Hardwood floors can also improve the environment within your home because it does not trap dust, pollen and other allergens.  
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