I have always had a passion for technology and before pursuing my Master's Degree in Instructional Technology, I was looking for different ways to integrate the use of technology in my classroom.  I had started using a software program with my students that I was very impressed with its potential.  After the enjoyment of creating instructional lessons based on new technologies I decided that an advanced degree in technology was the direction that I wanted to take my studies.

After enrolling in the Instructional Technology program at Kent State University, I was a bit apprehensive about taking courses through online instruction.  I began my first classes and really enjoyed the format of the instruction and realized that it was a unique and beneficial way of instructing students.  The amount of resources included with each course and the ability to enhance instruction utilizing technological resources were positive aspects of the course of study.

This website is organized in manner that follows the ISTE Coaching Standards and showcases the coursework that demonstrates each standard. The format is organized by subdivisions of the six ISTE Coaching Standards.