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They headed North West to foothills between them and Mt. Melbourne. Southwesterly wind and a hard rough ice surface made the first hours sledging difficult.  After traversing many thaw pools and ice-encrusted streams, they were soon on a snow-covered surface. 

Figure 3  Hell’s Gate moraine and thaw pools as they were in
November 1982. On the right is Inexpressible Island with the
ice free sea of Evans Cove across the top of the picture.
(Antarctic New Zealand ref. ISLe8)

The going became easier, and they started to enjoy summer sledging.  Priestley in his book and diaries wrote about the joys of summer as opposed to colder spring sledging. 

 ‘Summer sledging has few hardships for the experienced man, and if that man shall have gained his experience by several spells of spring sledging in the same season, a summer journey to him will be pure pleasure’... ‘we felt now that, whether the road to Wood Bay should prove open or not, we had before us at least six weeks of strenuous activity and interesting work’.[i]

After travelling about eight miles, climbing 120 feet, they were north of Vegetation Island.  Here they made an early camp possibly because of only four hours sleep the previous night.  After dinner, and further attempts to repair the sledge wheel, Campbell did some survey work, or as he would say, ‘got a round of angles in’.

[i] Priestley, p. 202.

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