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Unlike Campbell, I have the advantage of an accurate map of the region in front of me and can see what Campbell believed was a glacier flowing from Mount Melbourne to Evans Cove was two distinct features.  One was a large glacier coming from near the Polar Plateau, not Mount Melbourne, with ice falls, passing the west side of Mount Melbourne and exiting as an ice tongue south into the sea; the other was a second ice field in a pass heading south-west and joining with other ice flows exiting to the sea at Hell’s Gate.  The latter is now known as Browning Pass. 

Figure 2  Modern map of the Terra Nova Bay region showing places mentioned in the text

It is easy to see that from the sea, with heavy ice in the North Terra Nova Bay area, it would have been easy to make such an interpretation. Later, when the party was travelling up the Browning Pass with Mt Melbourne in the distance, it would have continued to look like a glacier. 

Having said this, Campbell's decision to follow the Browning Pass seems sensible as it was the first pathway that gave some chance of crossing around the lower slopes of Mount Melbourne to the Wood Bay area.

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