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Reading List

I have put this in two sections – firstly books specifically dealing with the Northern Party and secondly books that have significant references to the Northern Party or its members.  The list is not at the moment  comprehensive, but I will continue to add more books as I progress.

1.    The list of books specifically on or having at least a chapter devoted the Northern Party.

a.   Two early books published within a year or so of the actual events are:

Huxley, Leonard (arranger) - Scott's Last Expedition Vol 2 - p60-140

The second volume of this two-volume set is not often reprinted, but copies should be available from libraries.  The report in the chapter title Narrative of the Northern Party is based on Campbell's diaries.  Originally published in 1913.

Priestly, Raymond - "Antarctic Adventure: Scott's Northern party"

A member of the Northern Party he wrote his book of 382 pages and was published in 1914. Not many original copies exist as the warehouse was burnt due to enemy bombing in the WW1. However, the book was reprinted by C. Hurst & Co in 1974 and again by Kessinger Publishing in 2009.  It is also available as an E-book.

b.   Later works interpreting the recorded diaries and other material:

Quartermain, L. B. -  South to the Pole. The early history of the Ross Sea sector Antarctica, First. (Oxford University Press, 1967). 
One chapter, 21 pages  entitled The Northern Party.

Hooper, Meredith  - "The Longest Winter; Scott's Other Heroes." ( )
The best book by far. Not only telling the story, but provides a good insight into the personality of  the people concerned. Sets the scene and all the interelating events that influenced and are intwined with the story.

King, H.G.R.  (editor) - "The Wicked Mate - The Antarctic Diary of Victor Campbell" (Published by Bluntisham Books Erskine Press 2001.)
This is the nearly the same as "Scott's Last Expedition" but with some very good comments added by H.G.R. King of SPRI. Published by Bluntisham Books Erskine Press 2001.


Lambert, Katherine - "The Longest Winter The incredible survival of Captain Scott's lost party."  (Smithsonian Books Washington 2004)
Based on the contemporary diaries especially Levick the Naval Surgeon with the party.    Originally published in England as "Hell with a capital H" Plimlico 2002.

Quartermain, L. B. -  South to the Pole. The early history of the Ross Sea sector Antarctica, First. (Oxford University Press, 1967).
One chapter, 21 pages  entitled The Northern Party.


Scott, J. M.  -  The Private Life of Polar exploration, (William blackwood press, Edinburgh, 1982)
One chapter, 15 pages entitled Inexpressible Island



2.    The list of books that I have found some reference to the Northern Party or the six men involved.

 Bull, Colin, SILAS: The Antarctic Diaries and Memoir of Charles E. Wright, 1st edn (Ohio State University Press, 1993).  

 Crane, David, Scott of the Antarctic: A Biography (Vintage, 2007).  

 Evans, Edward R. G. R., South With Scott (Collins, 1952).  

Hattersley-Smith, G., The Norwegian With Scott: The Antarctic Diary of Tryggve Gran, 1910-13, First Edition (Stationery Office, 1984).