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This glossary is included to help reader of this site. I have used many sources for the entries including Wikipedia. All sources have been cited.  A word of caution in from Wikipedia 'We advise special caution when using Wikipedia as a source for research projects. Normal academic usage of Wikipedia and other encyclopedias is for getting the general facts of a problem and to gather keywords, references and bibliographical pointers, but not as a source in itself. Remember that Wikipedia is a wiki, which means that anyone in the world can edit an article, deleting accurate information or adding false information, which the reader may not recognize.'

The Glossary has a three column layout with the first column being the word or phrase, the second column the explanation,  and the third column the reference or any other notes.
All items are listed alphabetically using the full name. For example Cape Evans is listed  under C while Evans Cove is under E.

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