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Campbell, in his diaries makes no mention of sketching the surrounding area. However, there is a sketch in his hand-written diary[i]  pasted opposite the entries dated 9 and 10 January 1912.

Figure 4  Campbell’s panoramic sketch of Mt. Nansen Range around to mouth of Melbourne Glacier
and Cape Mossyface. (MUN, “Victor Campbell  Archive Memorial University Newfoundland”).

At first, I was confused with some names on the sketch.  The names, Mossyface, Pinetree, or Cape Sastrugi were to be coined later.  However, looking at drawing, he had a straight-on view from Mount  Nansen to the cliffs at the entrance to the Priestley (Pinetree) Glacier, and an oblique view at an acute angle from Priestley Glacier to Cape Mossyface.  This would be true if the sketch was done somewhere near Vegetation Island.  Priestley shows the position of a camp on the outward journey north of the island and halfway between it and Cape Canwe (Mossyface).  Hence, this is where I assume the sketch was made, and some of the names of the features added later.
'Victor Campbell's sketch of the Mount Nansen Range' at
 http://scotts-northern-party.blogspot.com/ for more details)

From this campsite Campbell could see the entrance to a valley that he believed was the glacier flowing from Mount Melbourne and their route to Wood Bay.   Before turning in they lengthened the traces on the sledges in preparation sledging on a glacier and having to negotiate crevassed areas the next day. 

This would allow better separation between them and the sledge in case either broke through a crevasse bridge.

Tonight ‘was a good calm night but overcast sky.’

[i] MUN, ‘Victor Campbell  Archive Memorial University Newfoundland’.

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