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This anemometer is now on display  in the Canterbury Museum, Christchurch New Zealand having been brought back from the Cape Adare hut by L Cairns and  S Norman in 1973. 

Notice it has just a simple  revolution counter as readout.  The calculation of the wind speed, I assume, would require taking two readings over a set time and the difference multiplied by a conversion factor-a cold and unpleasant operation during winter blizzards.


The picture on the right is the Munro anemometer left at Cape Adare hut by the Northern Party in 1911

(Canterbury Museum NZ)

Settled into daily routines with everyone knowing their assigned duties normality was coming to life in a small hut at Cape Adare. So much so, after a short church service on Sunday 26 March they thought it fitting to troop outside for Levick to take a group photograph.  They  sat outside the hut, well posed with Levick operating the camera via a long string.  Campbell commented ‘a very chilli operation’.


The Northern Party outside the hut at Cape  Adare.  From back left going clockwise: Abbott, Dickason, Browning, Levick with string coming out from under his hat to trigger the camera, Campbell, and Priestly.
(p48-14-9, SPRI )

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