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Strong winds and squalls accompanied the trip north and by the fourteenth coal was becoming short.  Campbell knew he must leave sufficient coal for the Terra Nova’s return trip to New Zealand.  Now he was starting to worry about their ability to find a suitable landing place.  The next day found them ninety miles north of Cape Adare, but on the sixteenth, raising steam they slowly moved south to within a few miles of Cape Adare.  With coal short, searching further west for a suitable landing site was out of the question.  Coal supply, weather, and ice conditions were now dictating they land here or abandon over wintering in Antarctica and head back to New Zealand.  At three, in the morning on 18 February 1911, they landed at South Beach about a mile south of Cape Adare. 

Here next to Borchgrevink’s hut they would assemble their own.  With help from the Terra Nova crew, the party built a prefab hut, landed all the stores required and started to organise their new home.  At four in the morning of the  nineteenth they waved goodbye as the Terra Nova headed back to New Zealand.

Now alone at Cape Adare the party set out exploring the area.  After several man hauling trips carrying out geological, zoological, mapping, sea ice and meteorological observations, they settled in for a very windy winter.  The following summer the exploration continued until the 4 January 1912 when they left Cape Adare in the Terra Nova for Terra Nova Bay.  Here they were to explore until about 18 February when again the Terra Nova was to pick them up.

And here fate intervened and the story of survival begins.

Terra Nova's route to Cape Adare.  

(Enlargement part of map fromScott’s Last Expedition Vol 2)