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About halfway across the barrier, when a strong southeasterly wind developed coupled with a westerly current,[1] they took the opportunity and turned away from the Barrier setting a course straight for Cape Colbeck at the edge of King Edward VII Land.  Arriving on February 2 to find adverse ice conditions and no possible landing place, Campbell turned and headed back west.  He was looking for an inlet, the Bay of Whales, that previous expeditions had described.  Here he hoped it may be possible to land, set up base camp and during the summer travel across the Barrier to reach and explore the coastal fringes of King Edward VII Land.  However, on entering the Bay of Whales, he saw the Fram.  Amunsden had landed and made the Bay of Wales his base camp.  After much discussion on the Terra Nova Campbell decided he could not set up a base here, so had no alternative but to take the second choice of landing west of Cape Adare.  However, before sailing to the Cape Adare region, he had to return to Cape Evans to report the location of Amundsen’s base camp to Scott.

Arriving back at Cape Evans, they landed two ponies no longer required now they were heading north to the mountainous regions around Cape Adare.  Without delay they sailed to the ice edge beyond the ice tongue south of Cape Evans.  From here Campbell, Priestley, and Abbot skied eight miles across to Hut Point to leave the letter, reporting Amundsen’s base camp, for Scott, who was on the Barrier laying depots.  The skiers returned with mail left at the hut by the depot laying party and a request from Scott for additional stores for Hut Point.  While Levick and Browning sledged the store across the crew topped up the ship’s water tanks from the surrounding ice.  Once all were back on board the Terra Nova headed north, stopping at Cape Evans to drop off the Hut Point mail.

 Course set for the alternate over wintering site, The Eastern Party on the evening of February 8 now had become The Northern Party.

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[1] King, The Wicked Mate.  The Antarctic diary of Victor Campbell., 41.