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I have tried to bring together this information, and present an accurate representation of the events.  I have tried to locate the positions on modern maps, where for example they camped.  Also with the photographs, I have used Google Earth to recognize features, determine what they represent, and tried to determine from where they were taken.  Knowing where photographs were taken indicates where they were.  This was important when determining the route taken when Campbell climbed the northern side of the Boomerang Glacier.  Knowing where, Levick who accompanied him took some of his photographs gave me some clues to where they climbed.

In putting this presentation together, I have included the other facets of the Northern Party’s time in Antarctica with sufficient detail for the reader to better appreciate the more detailed sections.  Specific parts of the story, such as the snow cave are covered excellently in some of the listed books.  These books going into detail of both the human and the physical problems encountered and surmounted.  In this document, I will only elaborate on those aspects that relate, and I believe are significance to the sledging.

I do intend to go back to the original diaries in the future.   I should then be able to expand on, and fill in some of the missing pieces of the story.  

Some of the place names used in early books and diaries has changed.  In the writing, I will try to use the current names although this may not be always possible. The first time an old place name appears I will explain it and the current name.  Then both names will be entered into the glossary of names and terms.  With particular words or terms that may be unknown to the reader first, appearance will also be explained and added to the glossary.  My comments will appear in the text indented and in a different font and allowing the reader to follow the story line without distraction.  Quotations from diaries, books, etc. will be cited, in italics, and enclosed in single quotation marks.

Now I will stop and let you get on with the story of Scott’s Northern Party and the sledging adventures of Campbell, Priestley, Levick, Abbott, Browning, and Dickason.

 Please feel free to make comments.

Don Webster    donweb@xtra.co.nz

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