14 January 1912.
This morning they
woke to another good day.  However, Campbell and Dickason were suffering from snow blindness and needed to rest in the tent while the others roped up and set out on foot to find a way for the sledges through or around the ice slope ahead.  The party led by Priestley traversed several crevassed ice ridges finally coming to a steep ice slope leading to a rocky ridge.  Here Browning had trouble with spikes coming out of his boots making climbing impossible.  After one episode of slipping and nearly bringing the whole party down into the crevassed area below, Priestley very wisely decided to return.  Back in camp about three in the afternoon Priestley told Campbell that it should be possible to get the sledges up and over the current ice-fall to at least the next ice-fall that appeared to connect to a rocky ridge to their left.  After some food and discussing the route, they broke camp and set off—up and over the immediate ice-fall, on across a snowfield until they finally reached the foot of the next ice-fall about 7 pm.  Now the weather having ‘come over very thick’ they pitched camped, had a meal and settled in for the night or as the thought.

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