10-Boomerang to Boomerang

13 January 1912
They woke this morning around 6 am to clear weather.  After their breakfast hoosh Campbell decided to have a quick investigation of the Boomerang Glacier as a possible sledge route to the lower slopes of Mount Melbourne.  Leaving the camp he went a little way up this side glacier while Priestley and Levick stayed at the entrance working on the moraines studying the range of rocks.  Here, Campbell later reports in his diary that Levick found a fine garnet.

Neither Campbell in his diary or Priestley and Lambert in their books mention Campbell being accompanied up the Boomerang Glacier.  It is reasonable to assume that he did not venture up the glacier by himself, but would have been accompanied by one or more of Abbot, Browning or Dickason.  This seems to borne out in the following photograph.  The photograph taken from their 12 January campsite shows three men in the distance.  These would be Campbell and two men either setting off or returning from the reconnaissance trip.

For more details see: http://scotts-northern-party.blogspot.com/2011/06/photograph-interpretation-boomerang.html

 Campbell and his group returned at about one in the afternoon  reporting that sledging looked possible up the Boomerang Glacier, but was steep and would be slow going.  He decided that continuing up the ‘main glacier’ would be the best alternative.  After some lunch, they broke camp, packed the sledges, and moved up the Browning Pass crossing the outflow of the Boomerang Glacier.  They continued until some steep ice slopes blocked their way.  Here they camped for the night leaving the decision of how to find a way through the ice falls until tomorrow.  The decision to ‘sleep on it’ could possibly have been because Campbell and Dickason were, again, starting to experience the symptoms snow blindness.

Figure 1 - Mouth of the Boomerang glacier. Photographed from the South moraine. The three figures are most likely Campbell and two others heading up the glacier to inspect the possibility of a sledge route.  (The picture combines SPRI P48-14-94 and P54-16-271) see ,’Photograph Interpretation:  Boomerang Glacier SPRI Photo P48-14-94’ at http://scotts-northern-party.blogspot.com

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