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Summer School for Writers

posted Sep 12, 2012, 12:31 AM by Scott Seldon

The summer has drawn to a close and with it the Master Koda Virtual Blog Tour. It has been quite a ride. The schedule has called on me to write some very interesting posts and has created a new circle of friends. It has definitely been worth the time and effort.

This has not been a solo effort. We worked as a group, each of us contacting the person we were hosting and the person hosting us. This is really how writers are supposed to work together. Regardless of genre, we are a team. Not just those of us who participated in this blog tour, but all writers all the time. We help ourselves when we offer to host another writer. I saw the results in visits to my books on Smashwords and downloads of free titles and samples. The graph would shoot up when the blog’s readers took an interest in what I had to say.

That doesn’t begin to cover the excellent advice from the tour coordinators. Tasha Turner did an excellent job of herding us writers and instructing us on what to write about and ho to contact our guests and hosts. The assignments that we wrote to post challenged me and broadened my concept of blogging. Not only did they show what to write when you guest blog, but taken overall, it dug deep into what makes each of us a writer and that is what interests readers. From how we write to what inspires us, to an actual story we wrote just for the blog.

So, I have come away from this tour, enlightened, charged, and with a new circle of friends. I was pretty new to blogging when I started, but now I really feel that I know what I am doing and feel ready to ask some of my fellow writers if I can be their guest and invite them to be mine. I actually feel that I know what I am doing.

One of the funniest things, is that I find prose so easy. When I have the story in my head, the words just flow. Writing blog posts is not nearly so easy. In fact, I would have to say this post, the last one of the tour, has been the most difficult to compose.

Armed with my new blogging skills and a new circle of writers to interact with, I feel more ready than ever to blog on a regular basis. A big thanks to everyone involved in the tour, especially my guests and hosts. Good job everyone and thank you for making it such a valuable experience.

The Master Koda Blog Tour was made possible by and and everyone who helped with the schedules and answered questions