All About Me

Scott R Seldon is a writer of science fiction. Like most writers, he got his start reading. In elementary school, he devoured books, reading most of the school’s meager library and often going back to favorites. When he was exposed to Star Wars, it became a forgone conclusion that he would end up reading any science fiction novel he could lay his hands on. Between the school library, the public library, and the book collections of a few friends and relatives, he was exposed to works old and new, by the great writers and also the less well known.

While he freely admits that Star Wars started him off, Frank Herbert, Frederick Pohl, Poul Anderson, David Brin, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov, each added their influence to Scott's imagination. In his late teens, he turned to writing and has not looked back.

As often happens, writing ended up taking a backseat to life as he got an education and built a career. But he could not stay away. It took a string of delivery drivers arriving at his work to strike a nerve. Before he knew it he had created a world that inspired him. Set in the sweeping expanse of a future galaxy, his subjects are space traders. In a galaxy populated by several species, along with traders, pirates, government officials, large corporations, and law enforcement, he has quite a canvas to create on.

In that canvas, he has concentrated on one trader and those around him. From that comes a loose trilogy following an ordinary trader who starts on the road to becoming extraordinary. As if the trials of these first three novels aren’t enough, Scott has plans for further adventures as well as new worlds to create and discover.