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Scott's Coffee

Scott Rose
(862) 452-1027

Scott's Coffee fresh roasting and brewing specialty coffee in Brooklyn NY.
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural Process - Flavors of blueberry with floral notes, milk chocolate, and caramel
Tropical Sunshine Espresso - rich flavor, candied tangerine and dark chocolate

Grand Army Plaza, oil on collage of stretched canvases, 2014
See larger version on new works page.

Union Square, oil on collage of stretched canvases, 2014
See larger version on new works page.

5th ave and 53rd st, oil on collage of stretched canvases 2014
See larger version on new works page.

23rd and Broadway, sculpture of oil paintings, 61"x 41", 2013
See larger version on new works page. 

Broadway and 26th, sculpture of oil paintings 
See a larger version on new works page

26th and Broadway, sculpture of oil paintings, 48"x 33", 2013

Train at 59th and Lex, sculpture of oil paintings, 27" x 25", 2013

Canal st and Broadway,
 sculpture of oil paintings, 40"x 41", 2013

Crossing,  sculpture of oil paintings, 45"x 52", 2013

Street Level, oil on canvases, 31.5"x 30.5", 2013

Bad Day, oil on canvases, 39"x 41.5", 2013
Bad Day, oil on canvas

Elvis Is Dead, oil on canvases 42"x 37", 2013

Running Errands, oil on canvases, 30.5"x30.5", 2013
Running Errands, oil on canvas,2103

Crowed Street, oil on canvases, 33"x29",  2013
Crowded Street, oil on canvas, 2013

Out For a Walk, oil on canvases, 29.5x30", 2012
Out For a Walk, oil on canvas, 2012

Good Day, oil on canvases, 30"x30", 2012

Jerome Ave, oil on canvases, 30.5"x29.5", 2012
Jerome Ave, oil on canvas, 2012

Artist’s Statement


 This complicated modern world has pushed me into tiny little boxes.  I no longer live one complete life.  Instead, I now have multiple smaller lives; my life on crowded subway trains, my life in the studio, my life waiting for the bus on cold and windy days, my life at work, my love life (or lack thereof), life with friends, family life…  Sometimes I have everything under control.  Each part fits neatly with the next, the smaller parts making up the whole.  Other times I can’t keep up with it all and things begin to pile up.  Most of the time chaos takes over and throws it all into disarray and all I can do is hold on for dear life.

 Resume on page three.

Artist’s Notes

                In this series of paintings I continue trying to portray people as they are, free of contrived expression or pose.  The method remains the same, taking photos surreptitiously while walking through the city.  This, I feel, records people’s unguarded moments.  It also gives me subject matter rich in action and motion. 

This time around I started with an exercise in breaking the recto-linear image plane.  From the beginning I used canvases of different depths for more visual interest, and then quickly started stacking them on top of each other for even more depth.  The first canvases were assembled beforehand and a suitable image was then matched to the shape.  As I worked on these I started to notice that sometimes the figures appeared to turn in space as the viewer moved around the canvas.  Later paintings actively try to utilize this effect by constructing the canvases based on the reference.  This has led to paintings that are almost sculptural, with objects that pass behind others and parts that are hidden from a strait on viewpoint.