Scott P. Morgan's Homepage

Barony of The Rhydderich Hael  In the SCA, I've joined the Barony of The Rhydderich Hael as Brock MacKay, a 15th Century Scotsman who is a Blacksmith and part time member of the citizen's militia.  Brock is a highlander who is used to fighting with staves, claymores, knives and axes and has a healthy thirst for beer and mead.  His family clan is the MacKays of Scotland.  Brock MacKay is actually based upon my family heritage.  Brock is the scottish word for badger, one of my totem animals that I identify with and MacKay is my family's Scottish Clan name from the Morgan side of my family.  The Blacksmith part?  Well... that comes from my choice of occupation from 1993-2008 when I was a New York State Service Technician and licensed Motor Vehicle Inspector.  I love to weld and use the oxy-acetylene torches.

 In my spare time, I build and modify custom PCs, surf on the web, practice on my guitar and pretty much anything else to keep myself occupied and out of trouble.