Autocross at Marina California

Racing with Team Cooper's Barry Chafin 

So, I got stuck in Monterey, CA over the weekend instead of coming home to Atlanta as I normally do.  I had a hard week and a whole lot of work that needed to be done ... Saturday, HUGE progress installing DSEE 6.0, things are falling into place ... then I get a call from my friend and boss, Barry ... "HeyScotty, you want to go race my car at Autocross?"  ... the rest of the story is on Video.  


Thank you Barry for awesome instruction, friendship, and ... well ... your car!


Barry Chafin with TeamCooper and
Barry's Race Videos
Lap 1    Lap2    Lap3    Lap4
Scott's Race Videos (from Barry's Helmet Cam)
Lap 1    Lap 1 Commentary    Lap2    Lap3    Lap4

Go Team Cooper!


Here is the track design by  


Here are the original videos in MPG format ... much better quality than google video, but they are about 40 GB each ... you can also choose to download in MP4 format from google video which looks a lot better as well.


Barry001        Barry002        Barry003         Barry004


SMcDuff001   SMcDuff002    SMcDuff003    SMcDuff004    SMcDuff005

Barry's Helmet Cam

Go Team Cooper!


More race information from Barry:

Results in Class:  (On "street tires" and first time out Scott beats a Jaguar in class and 18 competitors overall including a Factory Five Cobra.)
Class we ran in:  Rules for "Street Tire" classes.

These are SFR-only classes.  Cars that are legal for Stock, Street Prepared, or Street Modified classes that are running on street tires (as defined below) may run index-handicapped classes T1 (Stock) and T2 (Street Prepared/Street Modified), or in the corresponding ladies' classes (T1L and T2L).

Tire eligibility is based on the current National tire rules for the SCCA Street Touring category. See section 14.3 of the national Solo rules (for 2007, essentially a minimum treadwear of 140, a maximum section width and with some models on an exclusion list). For our SFR-only Street Tire classes, current National rules apply with the exception that there is no limit on section width. 

Class finishing position will be determined by adjusting competition times according to the most recently published SFR Handicapping index.


Class designator is one of the letter designators below plus the normal class information:

    1.  "T1-"   (e.g. T1-AS) for Stock Street Tire
    2.  "T1L-" (e.g. T1L-CS) for Stock Street Tire Ladies
    3.  "T2-"   (e.g. T2-ESP) for SP/SM Street Tire
    4.  "T2L-" (e.g. T2L-SM) for SP/SM Street Tire Ladies