Scott McClure, Ph.D. -- Research Information

I am a speech scientist at Nuance Communications, Inc., in Burlington, Massachusetts, where I work on NLP and formatting in healthcare documentation.

I am married and live with two ex-feral cats in the East Arlington neighborhood of Arlington, Massachusetts.

In May of 2011 I earned my Ph.D. in linguistics from Yale University. My advisors were Gaja Jarosz and Stephen Anderson. The tile of my dissertation was A system for inducing the phonology and inflectional morphology of a natural language.

My graduate research focused on morphology, phonology, and machine learning. I have also worked as a research assistant in laboratory phonology at Haskins Laboratories. I'm slowly assembling a list of links to publications to include on this page.

Scott McClure. Modeling comments on blog posts. Work in progress.

Christine Mooshammer, Louis Goldstein, Hosung Nam, Scott McClure, Elliot Saltzman, Mark Tiede. Bridging planning and execution: temporal planning of syllables. Journal of Phonetics, 40(3): 374–389, 2012.

Scott McClure. Modification in non-combining idioms. Semantics and Pragmatics, 4(7): 1–7, 2011.