Scott Lord: Untitled Novel- Chapter One: untitled

      That is was her ghost; how could it not be? To not know which; ghost or woman from the future, or more properly, was it thought to be that be that one of the women was a ghost without any way of knowing how to tell if it were she from another long buried century.
     He kept the card, the signature on the back was very modern. The obverse read, "The original Boston Tea room", it having been an advertisement for a local psychic. It may have been uncanny.   He had found it at the top of the stairs apparently where somenone had dropped it, or had left it there. Because it was artistic in its design, he kept it, knowing he might return to Tremont Street later in the month. What was stirring was that, almost as though italicized, it was the other subway station, the one before, or after, where he would most often emerge into the city street.