Scott Lord Inga's Veil Evening page eight

Later Chapers.

     He hadn't conceded it yet. He still wanted her.
     "In that its quiet and contemplative." He stopped; midsentence. He thought back to how she was playing with her hair, and how far apart they had been with the legnth of the room and his trying to allow some entrance into their both keeping a staring at each other between them, and then back the the previously evening, the making of conversation while her hands neared his.
"I like that you're looking at me like that, but it was only that I might not say 'I love you' while we're making love."
"Only then, only during, everytime."
"With us, I'm in a postiton to not say a word. Your name, if that."
"You still think I'm that pretty?"
     He had conceded it before they had spoken. She sang in the church choir and he hadn't seen her since Sunday .Her eyes were that blue to where he disregarded having seen her before and avoided trying to get involved her. He could hope to ask her to dinner, but would have to word it so that it would be for the middle of the week and that she could call him Monday or Tuesday. And yet it was because she was that pretty that he had conceded it and there was every indication that while they were talking that they could fall in love, irregardless of whether he thought he could have made it more romantic, either from having felt unprepared to speak to her, it having been after he had briefly aprroached her and introduced himself, asking to see her later, or from it not having been an ideal romantic circumstance, which to him was satisfactory as being romantic in that he saw her the very next morning. When he had asked if she were going to be there the next morning, he had quickly asked, "What time?" and she gave him the time of her rehearsal, rather than the time of the worship service. She had answered him directly, and had given him when he could see her personally.
     He had nearly quaked looking at her, his trying  bring himself back to that if they were fall in love with any sense of devotion, it could only be with affection, if not kindness, and yet in between trying to smile towards her to reassure her, there was the acknowledgement. He stood with a formality as he watched her at the alter. lifting his eyes to the blue stained glass windows, imploring that he was her guest.
Her guest, where and when she would call him. And yet it had been too long that he had been living alone, the Sunday leaving three days of thinking of her. It had been too long since his abrupt seperation and there had been no affairs in between his having left his wife that he could lean back on- he felt the possibility of her merely not believing in pre-marital sex, which in turn, could only result in an all out battle to have a fling, if that's all she might accept.
     "I have to,",her thought,"Her eyes, to beheld by her, anything to see her." He had conceded her beauty, but not that she could she could live with him.

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