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Scott Kastner
Associate Professor
Department of Government and Politics,
University of Maryland
3140 Tydings Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Selected publications/presentations relating to the international politics of East Asia:
Is China a status quo or revisionist state?  Leadership travel as an empirical indicator of foreign policy priorities.  With Phillip Saunders.  A revised version of this paper is forthcoming in International Studies Quarterly.
Political Conflict and Economic Interdependence across the Taiwan Strait and Beyond. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2009 (published in the Studies in Asian Security series). Link here is to
Bridge over Troubled Water? Envisioning a China-Taiwan Peace Agreement. With Phillip Saunders. Published in International Security 33, no. 1 (Spring 2009): 87-114.  We also published a shorter, more policy-oriented version in Foreign Policy online magazine: Is a China-Taiwan Peace Deal in the Cards?

National Unification and Mistrust: Bargaining Power and the Prospects for a PRC/Taiwan Agreement. (With Chad Rector.) Published in Security Studies, March 2008. Link here is the the article posting on the Security Studies web page.

Does Economic Integration Across the Taiwan Strait Make Military Conflict Less Likely? Published in the Journal of East Asian Studies, Fall 2006. The link here is to the paper's location in Academic Search Premier.
The Security Implications of China-Taiwan Economic Integration.  Testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, hearing on “Taiwan-China: Recent Economic, Political, and Military Developments across the Strait, and Implications for the United States," 18 March 2010.
Strategic Uses of Economic Interdependence: Engagement Policies on the Korean Peninsula and across the Taiwan Strait. (With Miles Kahler.) Published in the Journal of Peace Research, Sept. 2006. Link is to the article posting on the JPR webpage.

Legislative Foundations of US-Taiwan Relations: The Case of the Congressional Taiwan Caucus. With Douglas Grob. Published in Foreign Policy Analysis, January 2009. The link here is to the article posting on the FPA webpage.

Ambiguity, Economic Interdependence, and the U.S. Strategic Dilemma in the Taiwan Strait. Published in the Journal of Contemporary China, November 2006. Link here is to the article posting on the JCC webpage.

Assessing the U.S. policy of Engagement with China. With Paul A. Papayoanou. The link here is to the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, where the paper is posted as Policy Paper #40 (1998); a revised version was published in the journal Security Studies in 1999/2000.


Other papers:
When Do Conflicting Political Relations Affect International Trade? Published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, August 2007. The link here is to the article posting on the JCR webpage. Data and Replication files. 
International Regimes, Domestic Veto-Players, and Capital Controls Policy Stability (pdf). With Chad Rector.  Published in the March 2003 International Studies QuarterlyWe coded a new dataset of all capital controls policy changes for OECD parliamentary democracies since 1950. The dataset in various formats can be downloaded at Chad Rector's webpage, and is also available through ICPSR. Replication files for this paper and the CPS paper are also available on Chad Rector's webpage.
Partisanship and the Path to Financial Openness (pdf). With Chad Rector.  Published in the June 2005 Comparative Political Studies.
A General Measure of Trade Policy Orientations: Gravity-Model-Based Estimates for 76 Nations, 1960-2000With Michael Hiscox.  (Working paper. This link leads to the paper's website on Michael Hiscox's webpage. A PDF version of the paper, along with the data, is available there.) We derive a general, cross-national measure of trade policy orientations by using fixed country-year effects in a gravity model estimated with data on bilateral trade flows across 76 nations between 1960 and 2000.