Day in The Life of a CTE Teacher

What does the average day look like for a Career and Technical educator? 
Well, I have created an experience to guide you through the techniques, tools, and other details I use. Just my process. Nothing crazy cool.

I engage student learning with the processes and tools listed below.  They are organized below by CONCEPT / TOOL.
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Total Quality Learning - Deming Institute
Deming Institute YouTube Channel
W. Edwards Deming 14 Points
2015 Seattle Institute with David Langford
Overview by David Why Deming in Education (Video) (1:26:41)
Alfie Kohn - THE SCHOOLS OUR CHILDREN DESERVE: Rescuing Learning from Grades, Tests, and "Data" (1:50:00) 
Scott's notes from the Deming Institute Education Conference
Twitter and Instagram notes: #deming2015

  • 3c Engage Students in Learning
  • 2e Organizing Physical Space


Daily Schedule (What, Why and How) / HTML
I do. We do. You do.
Yearly Schedule (When) / Excel, HTML

YuGiOh Personality Cards / MI, Myers-Briggs, Shape Theory, Hobbies
Non-Cognitive Assessment / How Children Succeed by Paul Tough
Teaming with data /
Question Form / Google Forms, Excel

Pre / Mid / Final Assessment Data Chart (WTF?) / Excel, Google Forms
Frameworks Alignment and Blooms Verbs (Story of the 'what' and the 'how') / Word, HTML
Skill Sheets Checklists Forms (Student self-tracking) / Word, Adobe Illustrator
Paper Invoice Feedback Forms / Word, Adobe Illustrator
Standards-based grading with simple skills (Bob Brooks special) / Excel
Rubrics and Blooms Verbs / Excel, HTML
Self-regulation Rubric / Word, Google Form
Teacher-regulation Rubric / Word, Google Form
Writing Rubric / Word, HTML

I do. We do. You do. (Lesson structure)
Istudent questions, squishy ball / Brain Rules, Made to Stick
We - small teams, student running the show  /
You - independent time / YuGiOh cards Use cards to visit students
Knowledge base /, Google Sites

STUDENT PLN's (Professional Learning Network) / PORTFOLIO
Social Media AUP /
Scott's Social Media AUP / Social Media Contract
Portfolios /
Images /
Video /
Presentations /,
Resource Organization /
Resume, Recommendations, PLN /
Portfolio Review / (Teacher only)

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First NameLast NameResource NameURLConceptDescription
Scott Le Duc YuGiOh Student Info Cards Student Knowledge I use an online card game template that allows for image upload and text so students can populate the card with information about their interests, learning styles, MI's, etc. 
Scott Le Duc Brain Rules / How Children Succeed / Made to Stick Student Knowledge This is a blog post from my class blog covering my homework for parents assigned at open house. Included are links to, Paul Tough's radio broadcast on This American Life, and the Heath Brother's presentation about getting ideas to stick. 
Scott Le Duc Teaming Student Knowledge Kagan has great information about teaming students and cooperative learning. The first step is knowing more about your students and Kagan has resources for this as well. 
Scott Le Duc Google Forms Student Knowledge I use Google Forms to assess students and gather other data from them to adjust class activities. 
Scott Le Duc Google Drive Assessment Google Drive allows you to store and create files like spreadsheets, word processed documents, presentations, forms, and more. I share online documents with students and staff to gathering input and create knowledge bases. 
Scott Le Duc Course Competency Skills Sheets Checklist Forms Assessment Students can monitor their progress with course competency sheets. They maintain these tracking their skills development. 
Scott Le Duc Paper Invoice Feedback Form Sample Assessment At the bottom of this blog post you will see an example of a half sheet feedback form. On one side if the left brain detail and the other side right brain context for the blog post. 
Scott Le Duc HS CTE TACA Excel Spreadsheet - Bob Brooks Student Assessment Chart Assessment Bob Brooks from White River High School uses this spreadsheet to track class progress with skills development. 
Scott Le Duc Bob Brooks Standards-based Grading Score Chart Assessment Bob Brooks from White River High School uses this chart to establish a standards-based grading score for skills development. 
Scott Le Duc Self-Regulation Rubric Assessment I use this rubric developed by Liz Shine and Carrie Street, English teachers at Capital High School to help students self-assess their non-cognitive skills. 
Scott Le Duc Self-Regulation Rubric Google Form Self-Regulation Google Form Assessment I have students fill in this form regularly to help them make good choices in class. 
Scott Le Duc Teacher Feedback Rubric and Google Form Teacher Feedback Google Form Assessment I have students give me feedback regularly. This rubric is based on the student non-cognitive rubric. 
Scott Le Duc Common Core Productive and Distribution Writing Rubric Assessment This writing rubric was developed by Liz Shine and Carrie Street at Capital High School. I use this rubric for much of the writing assignments in my classes. 
Scott Le Duc A Glossary of Instructional Strategies for Teams Lesson This comprehensive list details strategies for student interaction. 
Scott Le Duc Scott's Über Lesson Planner Lesson This work in progress page has Scott's ideas of designing the 'perfect' lesson step-by-step. 
Scott Le Duc Made to Stick Presentation Lesson The Heath Brothers establish some simple rules to create memorable presentations.  
Scott Le Duc Brain Rules - Vision Data Brain Rules Vision Data Lesson This presentation details reasons to use visuals and how to use them. 
Scott Le Duc Brain Rules - Videos Brain Rules Videos - Watch Vision Lesson Brain Rules video on vision helps reinforce the need for powerful visuals to help people engage and learn. 
Scott Le Duc Kagan Shoulder and Face Buddies Buddies Image Lesson Use teaming strategies when in the We do phase of teaching. 
Scott Le Duc Rita Pierson at TED Student Knowledge Rita presented powerful ideas for all educators to consider. 
Scott Le Duc Rubistar Assessment Build rubrics here. You can also search for great rubrics here, too. 
Scott Le Duc Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world Student Knowledge We need to know our students. Students play games. How can we reach them where they are? 
Scott Le Duc Daniel Pink - Adventures of Jonny Bunko Career Guide Student PLN (Portfolio) This manga comic book is the best career guide. My students read it as a class in one period and it has lasting impact. 
Scott Le Duc Daniel Pink The Puzzle of Motivation Student Knowledge How do we motivate students? Daniel gives many examples and trends in industry. 
Scott Le Duc The Deming Institute Schedule At the Deming Institute, we honor the legacy of Dr. Deming by bringing his teachings to life today and for the future. We’re introducing his teachings to a younger generation, developing new Deming leaders and ensuring the transition of knowledge from Dr. Deming’s trusted colleagues. 
Scott Le Duc Daily Schedule Schedule This is the page for all my class schedules. I update these schedules every morning. 
Scott Le Duc Film Unit Schedule Schedule I organize the class units by week in HTML to see what's happening when. 
Scott Le Duc Frameworks and Blooms Verbs Assessment I look for the cognitive load expected for the verb in a course competency then either build a rubric around it or design my activity accordingly, loosening and tightening the lesson for differentiated learning. 
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