Yoga Therapy is possibly the oldest system of holistic therapy. Yoga practices and techniques can be used therapeutically for the treatment of many common ailments and medical conditions. Yoga Therapy aims to bring each individual towards wholeness and health by correcting imbalances which cause malfunction, disease and suffering in the body, mind and spirit. Yoga therapy can also be used prophylactically so that we maintain an optimum level of health and well-being.

The school has been set up to provide qualified yoga teachers training in Yoga Therapy. The weekends from September 2014 will be held in Melrose in the Scottish Borders.  

Training course: Our 2014/15 training course is in modular form allowing flexibility to complete the course over a minimum of 18 months.

2014 dates:
Module 1: Ayurveda, Body Mapping and Yoga Therapy 5/6/April - with guest tutor Elizabeth Roberts
Module 2: Nervous system - conditions and practices 20/21 September with guest tutor Carol Douglas
Module 3: Cardiovascular and respiratory systems - conditions and practices 15/16 November
2015 dates: 
Module 4: Musculo-skeletal system - conditions and practices 31Jan/1 Feb
Module 5: Residential retreat 6/7/8 March with Sue and Yvonne
Module 6: Digestive and Excretory systems - conditions and practices 18/19 April with guest tutor Elizabeth Roberts
Module 7: Eastern and Western psychological models; energy systems 30/31 May with guest tutor Duncan Hulin
Module 8: Reproductive, endocrine and immune systems 11/12 July with guest tutor Melanie Cook
Module 9: Integrating whole syllabus 5/6 September
Module 10: Residential weekend 23/24/25 October

Students who complete all 10 modules and assessments successfully will receive the SSYT Diploma in Yoga Therapy.
The course is registered with The Independent Yoga Network (IYN). 
SSYT yoga therapists can be included on the Yoga Register and obtain insurance through IYN.

NB: The next Yoga Therapy Diploma course will begin September 2016

NEW Course in Chavutty Thirumal massage - please contact info.ssyt@gmail.com for more information