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 SMASAC Guideline - Draft for Comments

We have now reached the consultation stage for the Scottish Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (SMASAC) guideline: Management of Chronic Pain in Children and Young People.


Developed by the Short Life Working Group for Chronic Pain Management in Children,  this guideline was officially launched at the Scottish Pain Research Community 7th Annual Scientific Meeting on Friday 24th of March 2017.


SMASAC Draft Guideline (pdf)

Please send any comments to and 

by the 5th of May 2017, the consultation deadline.



Abstracts Booklet from SPaRC ASM 2017

Westpark Conference Centre


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The basis of the research sub-group's work evolved from the Proposals for a Research Strategy paper by Professor Blair H Smith & Professor Gary J Macfarlane.

Research Subgroup of the National Chronic Pain Improvement Group - Strategy & Workplan 2014 

Evidence for Pain Management

SIGN 136; The Management of Chronic Pain was published in December 2013

International Research Information

International Association for the Study of Pain -  IASP

European Pain Federation - EFIC

Pain Research Forum - USA

PAIN-OUT Acute Pain Research Network in Europe

Arthritis Research UK

Bath Centre for Pain Research

Pain Research Institute - Liverpool

King's College London

Leeds University

Oxford Pain Research

University College London 

Wellcome Trust London Pain Consortium

German Neuropathic Pain Research Network

Karolinska Intitute

Body in Mind - Adelaide

Pain Management Research Institute - Sydney

McGill University Pain Research Centre Montreal

International Research Consortium for CRPS

The Centre for Paediatric Pain Research - California

Pain Research Unit at Sydney Children's Hospital

University of Galway 

Waitemata - New Zealand

Chronic Pain Research Alliance - Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions - USA

Nueropharmacology & Pain Research Group - Barcelona

Membership of SPaRC Steering Group

  • Contact us at

  • Dr Fiona A. Bull - Clinical Lecturer, The Scottish Clinical Research Excellence Development Scheme (SCREDS), The University of Dundee

    Dr Lesley Colvin (Chair). - Consultant Anaesthetics & Pain Management, Senior Lecturer, NHS Lothian, University of Edinburgh, Royal College of Anaesthetists

    Professor Sue Fleetwood-Walker. - Chair of Sensory Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh

    Professor Tim G. Hales. - Director Institute of Academic Anaesthesia, Centre for Neuroscience, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School

    Professor Gary J. Macfarlane. - Professor of Epidemiology, University of Aberdeen

    Dr Kathryn Martin, Lecturer in Epidemiology, University of Aberdeen.

    Dr Colin Rae. - Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Management, Lead clinician of Greater Glasgow & Clyde Pain MCN.

    Dr Mick Serpell. - Senior Lecturer & Consultant in Anaesthetics & Pain Management, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 

    Professor Blair H. Smith. - National Lead Clinician for Chronic Pain, Scottish Government, Professor of Population Science  University of Dundee,

    Dr Lars Williams - Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Management, Greater Glasgow & Clyde Pain MCN, National Residential Pain Management Centre.