Persicaria vacciniifolium 

A member of Polygonaceao that is the knotweed family, it was once known as Polygonum vacciniifolium. This plant is native to the Himalays and is generally considered to be an alpine which has become a generic term for plants above the tree line irrespective of locations. 

The foliage as the name suggests is like a Vaccinium but unlike it, this plant spreads by shoots creeping along the ground. Its main use accordingly is the rock garden where given plenty room it can spread to form dense woody mats a metre or more square. It will spread over rocks or stones quite happily The pale pink spikes about 3-4 inches high are held above the prostrate glossy mid green foliage providing good flowers when few other plants are in full flower. Mine is in an open damp spots and is romping away quite happily to the point its threatening my Corydalis ‘Bantang Mist’ so beware. As it spreads the shoots root into the ground so no need for cuttings here. A good plant if one is looking for ground cover.

James McCombe