Corydalis flexuosa ‘Balang Mist’

A genus of around 300 annual or rhizomatous herbs of which the creamy/white annual Climbing Corydalis is the only native and has had its name changed to Ceratocapnos. The yellow one we see on lime mortar walls and rocky places is an introduction from Southern Europe. It also has had its name changed to Pseudofumaria. Corydalis are largely native to northern temperate areas especially the Sino Himalayas. A few however are from South Africa. The species we are interested in probably comes from the Himalayas.

Corydalis a member of Papaveraceae comes from Korydalis meaning Lark referring to the spur on the foot of the Lark. I have several Corydalis including C. ‘Craigton Blue’ and C. ‘Kingfisher’ all quite distinctive in colour. The latter is worth growing being quite distinctive in its colour from the subject. These plants are generally associated with the peat garden in light shade with good drainage where they form wide spreading mats when happy of delicate bi-pinnate foliage of a light green in summer with brownish stalks. C. ‘Balang Mist’ in winter has a dusky green coloured foliage. The flowers are of a pale blue with whitish lips. Mine is growing next to the wonderful Oak Fern with the most delicate of pale green foliage which provides an excellent foil to the flowers.

As these are cultivars propagation is best by division in the spring if one wants to retain the true colour. I have tried these plants a couple of times before and failed presumably because the soil and location was not quite right 

James McCombe