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About Us


The Scottish and Northern Borders Group is one of the many groups of the Hardy Plant Society. It is a group which covers the whole of Scotland and the parts of northern England near to the Scottish border. We organise day visits to gardens, have lecture days and also run some two day visits and a week's residential excursion in the UK or Europe. Our current year's programme appears on this website along with some details of future plans. We also publish a journal twice yearly entitled Northern Leaves which gives reports on previous garden visits and is free to members.

To become a member of our group one must first of all be a member of the national body. Through membership of the national body one receives a copy of the society's Journal and one can apply for seeds from the free seed distribution scheme. The society also produces a number of other publications on specific plants.



Our group is administered by a committee consisting of the following members :

Convenor : Gwen Beales

Vice Convenor : Colin Cutler

Secretary : Helen Thomson

Treasurer : Aileen Smart

Committee Members :     

                                     Andrew Holmes

                                     Marjorie Anderson

                                     Joan Gilchrist

                                     Fran Scott   

                                     Pam Wortley                                                              

Coopted to Committee :  Alistair Johnston

                                  Chris Sanders

Journal Editor  :Chris Sanders
Journal Adverts Manager : Alistair Johnston
Chair of Garden Tours Committee : Gwen Beales
Webmaster : Alistair Johnston
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