Recording and surveys

'Scottish Fungi' provides a record entry form. If you want to submit bulk records, use this sheet to submit to the Scottish Fungi editor team, who will forward to the FRDBI (see below). 

For advice about what and how to record information about fungi, visit the identification pages. You will also find useful guidance from the British Mycological Society Guide to Recording 2008This is the 2008 edition of Richard Iliffe's revised and updated version of the Guide to Recording Fungi originally written in 1994 by Jack Marriott in the series Guides for the Amateur Mycologist. It should be further updated in 2010.


The national database for fungal records is the Fungus Record Database of Britain and Ireland (managed by the BMS) and CATE2 (managed by the Association of British Fungus Groups). The existance of two national databases is somewhat confusing but the pros and cons of each are not a focus for Scottish Fungi and we leave it to individuals to explore. One important advantage of the FRDBI is that a snapshot of the database is available at 10 km resolution (up to 2007) via the National Biodiversity Network Gateway.

You may also wish to submit your records directly to one of Scotland's local biological recording schemes.

For World distributions, try the Global Biodiversity Information (GBIF) portal.


Check out the map based 'Scottish Fungi Grey Literature Database' to find out where people have conducted surveys and produced reports.

Photographing fungi

Advice and discussion about the best way to get good fungi pics.