We hold informal field meetings at 11.00 on the first Sunday of each month, except January, when if it falls on the 1st or the 2nd we hold it the following Sunday. Although we are based in Edinburgh and the Lothians and that is where most of our forays are, we may have forays in the Borders, Fife, Kinross, Clackmannan and Stirling. We have a few ‘experts’, a few keen members and a few irregulars – we have around 15 attend our field meetings and are always keen to see new faces, and happy to give guidance and information. Most of our meetings are to sites that have at least some accessibility for wheelchairs and baby-buggies. For more information or to find out about the next foray, please contact us:

Chairperson: Cameron Diekonigin

Administrator: Moira Bruce - fgses.sec@gmail.com