This page provides an introduction to the Scottish Fungi hub by five main categories:

1) If you are new to fungi:

Welcome to the fascinating world of fungi! Whether you have come to this site because you're interested in gathering fungi to eat or because you'd just like an introduction to the diversity and importance of fungi, this site will hopefully help you find the information you need. Find out about local forays and how to contact a local Scottish fungus group. Have a look at the diversity of Scottish fungi on our picture gallery or submit your own photo so that others can comment and perhaps suggest a name. Why not have a go a submitting your findings for others to see?

2) If you are a member of one of the Scottish fungus groups:

If you are already a member of one of Scotland's local fungus groups, Scottish Fungi provides a hub for shared resources and also links to information that only members of your group can see. Explore the left hand menu for foray calendars, identification techniques, conservation news, species profiles, recording forms and much more...

3) If you are an improving or experienced mycologist:

If you're in this category then please get involved and start contributing to this site. Scottish Fungi has been created and is developed by a team of volunteers from across Scotland. The amount of information we can provide is only limited by our time and imagination. We'd love to hear from you if you think you can help?

4) If you are a teacher:

Start off by checking out our education pages.

5) If you are a land manager:

You have an incredibly important role to play in ensuring that Scotland continues to support a huge diversity of important fungi. Find out what you can do to manage your land with fungi in mind and specific projects on our conservation pages.

An introduction to fungi

This is a test video but will be replaced by introductions to various aspects of mycology.