Welcome to the Scottish Endurance info Hub.

This Hub has been created so that there is a central location for all our forms and procedures that may be useful for the following groups of people:
  • Club Committee
  • Branch Committees
  • Club Officials
  • Branch officers
  • Ride Secretaries
  • Membership Secretaries
  • Helper co-ordinators
  • Archivist
  • Treasurer
  • Ride Organisers
  • Ride officials and helpers
  • Route Organisers
  • Chief Stewards 
  • Members
On here you will find all the documents that you might need from time to time.  
The documents will be updated as changes are made so that those you find here are the "live" documents/information. 
To ensure that you always use the up to date version always download from this site.

To view the contents of each heading hover on the title which will open any sub headings.

Updates record
 26/9/2018 medical card updated blank added 
 28/8/2018Results spreadsheet update Now shows date 8 day suspension is lifted
 6/8/2018Temporary Helper  formUpdated to include emergency contact details 
 19/3/2018Talkround and hints on writing
Updated good example added + hits on how to write a good talkround added
 4/1/2018Rider Information
Updated template added
Helper information
Template added
Emergency Contact sheet
Risk Assessment forms
Updated RA example, RA blank added
 22/12/2017Insurance certificates
Employers and Public Liability 2018 certificates added
Rider Information Template
Latest version added
 16/10/2017Archivist Guide to Trophy Calculation Latest version added to Clubhouse How to Guides 
1/8/2017 Health & Safety Section 
Safety Notice updated 
Notice to be displayed at all rides/activities 
 30/3/2017Template for Ride Information and Talkrounds Available now only in the route organisers guidelines/forms section 
 27/3/2017Talkround - good example template Added to Route Organisers and Ride Forms sections  
 27/3/2017Ride Map good example templateAdded to Route Organisers and Ride Forms sections 
Ride Information Template  
Link to Rule book added and general update
22/3/2017  Chief Steward's reportUpdated 
22/3/2017 Online recording form added to capture all complaints, verbal/written warnings issued To be used by Club and Branch officials only to ensure that a central record is held on such incidents 

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