Emotional Object

Heartbeat Luminaire 2016~present 
Heartbeat Table is an installation that embodies the emotion from private heartbeat pulse into lighting rhythms, creating an alternative way to visualize bio-information with aesthetics through daily object.

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Algorithmic Aesthetics


the Dandelion 2014~present 
The Virtual patterns used fractal and recursive algorithm to mimic the morphology of dandelion flower for applying in future living.

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Code Art

Time, Speed, Motion 2017~present 
Progress explorations on generative mechanism of forms & behaviors.
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Structural Origami

Breathing Pinecone 2016~present 
Breathing Pinecone used pneumatic system to mimic living system. Metaphor from blood, muscle, and skeletons into compressed air, pneumatic cylinder, and foldable structure in human body, demonstrating new life form in artificial way.

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Actuated Structure

MSOrgm 2009~present 
MSOrgm is an autonomous plant-like structure, which can be motivated to have dialogs with people who are looking at it, with its movable branches motored by mussels made with shape memory alloys.

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Transparent Patterns

Transparent Organ 2014~present 
The object merges kinetic sculpture as luminaire, through the algorithm studies and simulating in “forms” and “behaviours” in design.

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Shadow Lighting

Prophet Vault 2015~present

Inspiring from the morphology of architectural structure on an table object, for augmenting as shadow patterns in our living space.

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Foldable Structure

LBSkeletons 2011~present
Creating an alternative ambient display with kinetic movement, from a magnificent shadows and blend of pneumatic sound in a daily environment.

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Artificial Phototropism 2012~present 
Artificial Phototropism showcases a stunning scenic of light exploration and the pursuit of life in a sculpture object.                     



Molar Stool  2012~present

An idea to include the cathedral's arc structure into the shaping of molar tooth. It's combining the different curves and materials to bring the usibility for alternative sitting experience.



Swarm Behaviors

River Space 2012 
The work River Space extends the technological art into the exploration of space, discussing the various features of the ambient display and transforming the elements which constitute the space into a part of the art installation.


works before 2008

Michael Fox Workshop 2008
We developed a pilot project in spatial geometry exploring shape transformation. The result, named trans-flower, created a structure with natural dynamical expression.

Cellular Computing
2008 - 2009


Smart Tiles (or SSOrgan)

Smart tiles is an interconnected system designed to discover emerging interaction phenomena when changes are made in communication, self-processing and connection rules.



Hello Wall 

Hello Wall is an interior design project, whose purpose is to create interactive lighting patterns to express different atmospheres in space. It recognizes spatial activities from pixel arrays to generate array-based lighting control.


AR/VR-aided Design Tools
2005 - 2008

Spatial Sketch

Spatial Sketch creates new interfaces which improve interactions in computer aided design to make them more natural.


Patent Pending
short research report


1:1-ARIDS provides a wearable interface for 1:1 in-scale design planning. It uses AR technologies and 3D input systems to help designers create virtual representations of their intuitive design concepts.


2004 - 2009

Cycloid Hula-Hoop

Cycloid Hula-Hoop enhances the interactivity of the performer and the environment. It demonstrates how to use the hula-hoop as an motion input device to generate cycloid painting for fun.



TaiKer KTV

TaiKer-KTV demonstrates how karaoke players engaged with a song can interact with the whole physical space based on their physical reactions and body movements.






Norma Opera (2004/10 - 12)

Norma Opera project is a classic performance design project. Used CAD and micro-controller to build virtual and physical model for design studies while development.



Hack_Create Sculpture (2008/10 - 12)

It is a two months teaching experience in Artist-in-Residence program at Jan-Cheng Junior High School. We create kinetic sculpture by hacking bicycles and using arduino board create toys.