Extending Computation & Craft to Touch People in Body and Heart (since 2005)

I have always loved nature. There is a beauty to even the mundane aspects of the natural world, from the anatomy and physiology of life to the behavior of the animals in the world around us. I observe this life from the standpoint of an architect, always seeing evolution of life to its surroundings through the prism of design. I aim to combine this beauty in nature with mechanical design to create a new field of art, one that brings the life force of nature into the home and connects with the user, providing a sense of warmth and comfort. These artificial life artworks interact with people in a kinetic manner, much in the same way as animals do. This art uses foldable structures and robotic technologies in conjunction with sensing/controlling techniques to develop self-behavior and artificial consciousness, resulting in artworks that display the characteristics of life. My art not only demonstrates a novel symbiosis of art and design, but also brings technological art into our living spaces. With beautiful and inspiring creations I aim to change the relationship between the space, user, and installation.