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3D Modeling

Possible applications
  • Geometry
  • Measurement (Volume, mass, etc)
  • Scale (Make navigable models 
  • Historical artifacts and buildings (Virtual missions?)
  • Science (Cells, molecules, complex systems)
  • Volcanoes. machines, ???
  • Inventions
  • Create theaters, settings, models for creative writing
More Ideas
  • Create images for lit summaries
  • iBooks imports 3D models! DAE FILES!
  • Animate the process of construction
  • Use Sketchup to demo movie shots, camera moves, composition
  • Film with all angles EXCEPT eye-level
  • Design the best pencil holder
  • Design one to be printed on 3D printer— customize it (mom)
  • stl file will print to 3D printer— needs plug in
  • Design classroom furniture and classroom
  • Create movie scenes and storyboards, include lighting
  • FLATtery Plug-in makes paper models


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More Information

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Learn how to teach your students to create 3D models for a variety of purposes. Students address Common Core by visualising, designing, creating, and publishing 3D models. This session will demonstrate integration with other programs such as iBooks Author and iMovie (or any video editing software). (SketchUp is a free and powerful 3D modeling application, and it's easy to start right away and quickly create impressive models and animations.)  

Mac or PC suggested for this session.

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