Google Maps and Google Earth

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Google Earth


Cool Stuff


  • Google Earth
    • Navigating Google Earth
    • Street View
    • Navigating with Search (Find your home)
    • Layers
    • Sky, Mars, and Moon.
    • Timeline
    • Make your own Placemarks
    • Tours
    • Import and Exporting KML & KMZ
    • Creating Placemarks

  • Google Maps
    • My Maps (Formerly Maps Engine Lite)
    • Street View
    • Create a map
    • Create Placemarks
    • Customize Placemarks
    • Add links, videos, and photos to Placemarks

      • Navigating maps
      • Icons on maps- hand moves and selects
      • Two ways to add marker: search or directly
      • Searching
      • Sharing and collaborating
      • Layers
      • Naming layers
      • Plotting points- adding points, formatting icons for points
      • Images by file & URL, video, and URLs
      • Importing external data- We'll do concerts but can do math, earthquake, tribes, battles, etc.
      • Street view
      • Adding lines— different types of lines
      • Polygons- color transparency
      • Driving route/direction (cars. bikes, walking)
    • Using Data (sheets) to create map
    • Using a form to create a shared map.

    • Photosphere App
    • Tour Builder (64-bit browser required such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome Canary*)