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Shortcut to this site: http://tinyurl.com/lacoding17


Explore specific reasons for integrating programming (aka, coding) across subject and grade levels. This session focuses various student-benefits such critical-thinking, creativity, computational thinking, collaboration and problem-solving. See a wide variety of specific examples and how to get started. This session provides a wealth of teacher resources and communities pertaining to student programming. This session also includes a hands-on component, so everyone gets to be a programmer!


  1. Intros, overview, and What's Your Why?
  2. Presentation: Coding Across the Curriculum
  3. Explore Curricular Coding Projects
    1. Go to https://scratch.mit.edu/
    2. Search for programs related to a particular topic such as photosynthesis, number line, metaphors, et al.
    3. Post the title and URL of your program to this Padlet.
  4. Guided programming
  5. Independent, supervised work
  6. Share out 
  7. Bonus:
    1. New skills: Variables, Ask, & Answer
    2. Independent, guided programming. and user-testing
  8. Share out and closure

Examples in Scratch

Great People to follow regarding coding in schools.

Curricular Connections

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