Leadership 3.0 Symposium

Edtech implications of essea. Foresight law and policy. Opportunity for PD.

Culture Change

Joe Sanfelippo: Author of The Power of Branding: Telling Your School's Story

  • Change culture 30 seconds at a time. (Staring contest demo)
  • The answer to "What did you do in school? " should be "I don’t know … where to start?"
  • Stream twitter feed on big screens around school.
  • Celebrate kids and teachers at every opportunity.
  • Never give up the opportunity to say something great about your school.
  • Social media amplifies and accelerates culture.
  • If you don't tell your story, someone else will.

Professional Learning

  • Creating a Culture of Sharing for Professional Learning
  • Steal like a Teacher-- Teachers Sharing Effective Strategies Through Instructional Rounds
  • "Scaling pockets of excellence."
  • Math train.tv— student-created tutorials
  • Have kids do PD.
  • Evaluating PD by focusing on student work— Instructional Rounds
  • Stopped saying "How do teachers teach?" and focused on student work. Helps focus on Common Core and helped integrate technology organically.
  • Ask: "What do we need to do to get our students to the next level?"
  • follow up and follow through are most important for PD.
  • After consultation with coach— give survey two weeks later- ask for evidence
  • Classified staff takes surveys too.
  • Focus on two tech tools.
  • Used teacher conversations as a measure— about students and instruction.
  • Important to see connections between tech, standards, curriculum, and PD.

Sir Ken Robinson

Selected quotes from Sir Ken's Keynote:

  • We should change our education model from industrial to organic farming. Organic education promotes the well-being of the whole student, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual"
  • "Our system is predicated on conformity. We should celebrate diversity."
  • "The question is not... ARE you intelligent, but HOW are you intelligent?"
  • "Education is about compliance. Life is about creativity. "
  • The job of a teacher is not to become a facilitator for the testing company, it is to cultivate learning."
  • "Leadership's role is not Command and Control, it is Climate Control."

Sir Ken Storify (Tweets of Keynote)