Future Ready

Future Ready Workshop


The 7 Gears are:

  1. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.
  2. Use of Time.
  3. Technology, Networks, and Hardware.Data and Privacy.
  4. Community Partnerships.
  5. Professional Learning.
  6. Budget and Resources.

Main Points

  • How is SDUSD redesigning curriculum, intersection, and assessment?
  • The results of the Future Ready Assessment will help get you with three areas of your LCAP: Engagement, Pupil Outcomes, and Conditions of Learning.
  • Physical environment has to support learning
  • Connect to community & industry
  • Have Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAD)
  • Uniformity without conformity (Corippo)
  • Use of tech to explore & create
  • Good blend of teachers & tech

Professional Development

  • How do we shift PD?
  • Sit and get PD shows almost no impact
  • Everyone seems to like EdCamp/UnConference model
  • PD should be job-embedded

Parent-Community Partnership

  • Branding
    • Branding— How do you tell your school’s story
    • “Your brand isn’t what you a=say you are- it’s what people say about you.”
    • Private Instagram account for a class
    • Laura Spencer had more success with Instagram than FB or Twitter
    • Laura uses IFTT to spread it out.
    • Edtech Baton Each day (Monday-Friday), another educator “holds” the Baton and shares their technology integration ideas in action by posting 6-8 photos with corresponding captions and tags on the EdTech Baton Instagram account throughout the day. Popular Instagram tags include #edtech, #1to1ipad, #teachersofinstagram, or #teachersfollowteachers.
  • Community leaders as principal for a day
  • Custodians and bus drivers get trained in district vision— Talking with blue collar workers & community.
  • Businesses sponsor free wi-fi for kids



What conversations are we having about student privacy?

EdConsent- Digital form and e-signature software for parental consent & approval.

Learning Spaces

  • One superintendent no approving anything that attaches to a wall

The FR Dashboard http://dashboard.futurereadyschools.org/ http://dashboard.futurereadyschools.org/5steps

Step 1: Create Future-Ready Leadership team

Must be diverse


  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Education Technology Leader
  • Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Director of Professional Learning
  • Technology and Infrastructure Director
  • Librarian or Media Specialist
  • Elementary School Principal
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Secondary School Principal
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Finance and Business Officer
  • School-based edtech leader or instructional coach
  • School-based media specialist or librarian
  • Community and/or Business Leader
  • School Board Member
  • Student

Step 2: Self-Assessment

  • Dashboard for Step 2
  • Assessment creates report that can be archived— see changes over time— Can be completed multiple times
  • Reports tend to be 65 pages long
  • Provide scores out of 10 for each gear area (and sub gears— 38 total) — and overall— shows where district scores on rubric.
  • 38 different rubrics
  • Provides gap analysis and strategies
  • You can recommend a strategy if one doesn’t exist
  • Provides form letter for getting feedback in dashboard own a particular gear
  • Free book: Exploiting Chaos. Change management.
  • Must be part of the team and have a team code to see the reports
  • Can compare gears between different groups